Cyber Security Awareness


Cybersecurity encompasses the strategic implementation of various tools, measures, and protocols to safeguard networks, computers, programs, devices, and data from unauthorized digital assaults.

This guided, real-time training, accessible either online or on-site, is designed for individuals looking to acquire the skills necessary to shield online systems from diverse cyber threats.

Participants will emerge from this training with the ability to:

  • Comprehend the fundamentals of cybersecurity.
  • Identify and understand various digital security threats.
  • Implement strategies and industry-recognized practices to defend online systems against cyber intrusions.

Training Delivery Style:

  • Engaging mix of instructional talk and group discussions.
  • Comprehensive, hands-on exercises for skill enhancement.
  • Practical sessions in a simulated lab setting.

For a training program tailored specifically to your needs, please reach out to us to coordinate a custom course.


Course Outlines


  • Overview of Cyber Security
  • Importance of Cyber Security
  • Overview of the different hacking techniques

Social Engineering

  • Impersonation and fraud
  • Non-technical social engineering
  • Reverse social engineering
  • Shoulder surfing
  • Dumpster diving
  • Eavesdropping


  • Identifying a phishing email
  • Deceptive phishing
  • Spear phishing
  • Whaling phishing
  • Phone phishing

Internet Security

  • Staying safe while using the internet
  • Using the internet through Safe Network
  • Sharing data outside the network
  • Data leakage prevention and monitoring systems
  • Wi-Fi phishing attacks
  • Using public WiFi Networks
  • Browsing non-HTTPS websites
  • Installing software from untrusted sources
  • Key loggers
  • Mobile security
  • Cloud computing security

Email Security

  • Recommendations for email security
  • Wrong email recipients
  • Ignoring the unknown recipients
  • Malware over email


    Password Security

    • Revealing passwords over the phone
    • Remember my password on a public computer
    • Writing password down
    • Selecting an easy password
    • Locking your computer
    • Hacking the one-time password
    • Selecting a strong password

    Organization Policies

    • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Acceptable use policy
    • Clearing disk
    • Locking the office

    Monitoring positions

    • Bringing own device
    • Travel security
    • Mobile security awareness

    Cyber Security for Remote Workers

    • Cyber security risks for remote workers
    • Remote working security
    • Best practices for remote workers

    Cyber Security for Secure Coding

    • Overview of secure coding
    • Best practices for secure coding

    IT Security Best Practices

    • Importance of IT security
    • IT industry Cyber Security best practices

    Summary and Next Steps towards learning advanced Cyber Security



    Basic Computer knowledge