Linux virtualization (KVM/Libvirt)

Virtualization is a broad computing term used for running software, usually multiple operating systems, concurrently and in isolation from other programs on a single system. Virtualization is accomplished by using a hypervisor. This is a software layer or subsystem that controls hardware and enables running multiple operating systems, called virtual machines (VMs) or guests, on a single (usually physical) machine. This machine with its operating system is called a host.


We at Open Technology Solutions deliver Virtualization Solutions to help customers boost performance and efficiency across server, storage, and network infrastructure assets. From concept through implementation and ongoing support, we provide expertise across the data-center to ensure technology strategies and tactics align with business needs.

We have wast experience in designing, deploying and supporting Virtualization technologies from KVM, VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft.



  • Improves availability and support for business-critical applications and large databases
  • Significantly reduces hardware, software and energy costs
  • Reduces infrastructure costs and complexity while improving performance and utilization
  • Dramatically simplifies infrastructure management and increases efficiency
  • Eliminates downtime for hardware maintenance
  • Consolidates available storage capacity across vendor, cabinet, interface, OS and connectivity boundaries
  • Enables you to spend less time on routine maintenance and more time on meeting growing business needs
  • Increases security by enabling the management, measurement and observation of all dimensions of access – who, what, where and how long
  • Ensures business continuity, allowing users to work even after disaster strikes
  • Increases mobility by enabling users to work from anywhere