Enterprise Application Software Development (EAS)

In today’s competitive world businesses have to move fast and software solutions can help businesses in responding quickly to changing market dynamics.


The software solution that has worked for one business may not work for another as no business is exactly similar to other business. Hence businesses have to go for custom built software solutions to manage their growth.


Open Technology Solutions is meant for designing a software that has been designed, developed and tested for a specific business requirement. With OTS IT services, businesses don’t have to change their business practices rather software solutions or applications will be developed as the requirements of the businesses.


OTS has a rich experience of building software solutions and applications over a decade. As a result of this OTS has more matured software development processes that are cost effective yet provide high quality deliverables. It has mastered the art of planning and designing custom software solutions, which is the key for successful IT services. OTS has acquired a competitive advantage by utilizing its technology skills in more productive and effective ways that shortens the development time and lowers the total development cost.


OTS provides its custom IT development services in all leading technologies such as .NET, Java, Python and PHP. Many of its software development team members are certified software professionals having profound experience in building software solutions and web applications.


OTS utilizes its product development expertise and product development and engineering frameworks to provide end-to-end product development services. We offer specialized product development services as well as end-to-end product development services based on client needs.


OTS specializes in following key offerings covering entire product development life cycle.

Considering client requirements and inherent challenges in software product maintenance, OTS enables you to deliver on your global initiatives at lower costs and drive future business growth. OTS has devised innovative software product maintenance process model which focuses on:


  • Process implementation
    • Development of maintenance plans and procedures
    • Establishing procedures for modification requests
    • Implementing the CM (configuration management) process


  • Problem and modification tasks
    • Initial analysis
    • Problem verification
    • Developing options for implementing the modification
    • Documenting the results
    • Obtaining approval for modification option


  • Modification implementation task
    • Performing detailed analysis
    • Development, coding, and test of modification requests


  • Maintenance review/ Acceptance tasks
    • Conduct reviews
    • Obtain approval for modification


  • Migration tasks
    • Development of migration plan
    • Notify users of migration plan
    • Conduct parallel operations
    • Notify user that migration has started
    • Conduct post-operation review
    • Ensure that old data is accessible


  • Software retirement tasks
    • Develop a retirement plan
    • Notify users of retirement plan
    • Conduct parallel operations
    • Notify user that retirement has started
    • Ensure that old data is accessible

An ideal IT research and development (R&D) services company should be knowledgeable about both hardware and software domain. OTS has proven competencies in both. OTS has plans to provide the following R&D services in respective sectors:


Handset software:
Equipments like mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players needs a lot of software to run. Because of their size and low power availability, creating this software is a challenge.


Chip design:
Nowadays almost every equipment needs chips. Application specific integrated circuit design is an intricate job because the margin for errors is very small.


Automotive electronics:
Modern cars need a lot of electronics for engine control, climate control, navigation, safety etc. About 20% of the value of a modern car might lie in the electronics and software involved.


Telecom switches, Routers:
Telecom firms need regular upgrades of legacy systems that can’t be replaced for a long time. Even contemporary products need customization in different areas.


Satellite networks:
Digital video broadcasting is throwing open possibilities for satellite networks. R&D work here involves integration of data networks with the satellite networks, among other things.

Software product development involves a crucial set of activities that differs from normal software project development activities in many ways.


At OTS, we focus on the following key practices which help us in developing numerous successful software products:


  • Developing software product iterative, not the big bang
  • Managing requirements to accommodate release dates
  • Using component-based architectures,
  • Building clear module interfaces
  • Visual modeling using UML tools and screen prototypes
  • Stringent QMS process to ensure highest quality software



  • You save time: Engagements focus on what matters so you can realize benefits sooner(not sure what it is meaning). OTS’s efficiency in cutting through the issues and zeroing in on the recommendations that are most relevant and that achieve the highest impact to you can save you both time and money.
  • Win at product innovation: OTS’s development team will build the capabilities that will help you consistently achieve results, faster and with fewer resources. Our collaborative approach creates support and momentum, helping you to reach your potential.
  • Getting it right: Receive recommendations which are based on proven practices and methods that consistently drive world-class product innovation performance – ensuring it gets done right, the very first time.
  • Faster time to market: The team at OTS will quickly ramp-up resources to meet your time to market requirements.
  • Technology experience and expertise: e-Zest brings strong experience and expertise on diverse platforms such as Python, .NET, J2EE, LAMP/WAMP stack and numerous emerging technologies such as AJAX, Web 2.0, web services and service oriented architecture (SOA) along with vertical and horizontal skill set with experience in CRM, Business Intelligence, e-commerce, Knowledge Management etc.

As a Product Engineering service company, we have startup services, time and again and has been delivering value to startups who wanted to look towards a technology partner whom they can trust.


How We Helped Startups

We focused on simple steps while executing the work – answering few questions that revolve around your product benefits, USPs, Risks. This happens over a Business Analysis and solution consulting engagement, that can be completed within weeks. Once the concept is realized in form of mockups, wireframes and POCs, we engage early with your end users to make sure the product idea is being liked.


The next step in this direction is to build a Minimum Viable Product, that is then carefully thought of based on priorities identified over MoSCoW analysis. Once the MVP is released, OTS team will again spend time with your end users to grow the product idea and build on top of it.


OTS provides end to end services around your startup thoughts right from conceptualization to elaboration to construction to transition. These services are highlighted as:


  • Proof of Concept Development
  • Minimum Viable Product Development
  • Visual Design and Usability Experience Services
  • Independent Testing Services
  • Technology Consulting and Support
  • Venture Capital Funding Consulting

OTS has custom software development experience in:

  • Custom software for the Internet/Intranet and Microsoft Windows
  • Design, implementation and support for web and desktop applications
  • Database programming
  • Data modeling and conversion
  • Systems/Enterprise application integration
  • Enterprise applications such as CRM and ERP
  • E-commerce functionality
  • Content Management
  • User-interface improvements
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Modification and maintenance to current applications

The custom software development process normally includes, but not limited to:

  • Thorough analysis of the business needs
  • Preparation of design specifications
  • Initial design concept
  • Development
  • Testing and validation
  • Client support
  • Ongoing feature enhancements and maintenance