Domain Name Registration

Domain registration protects your brand and promotes your business!

If a company builds a brand based on a name but does not own the domain name, it can lead to the number of users going to another domain. The company has obtained a domain name – the domain is identical with the trademark or not, will affect greatly to the company’s brand. If a company builds a brand based on a name but does not own the domain name, it can lead to the amount of users going to the site of another domain owner. If it is of a competitor, the problem will be very serious. Any confusion can lead to the loss of traffic and the number of potential customers into the hands of competitors.

  • The domain name must not exceed 63 characters, including .com, .net, .org etc.
  • Only letters in the alphabet (az), numbers (0-9) and minus (-), paces, other special characters are invalid.
  • Can not start or end a domain with a minus sign (-), As short as possible, easy to remember, not to confuse, difficult to write.
  • Domain names must be related to the subject name and the field of your activity.

Domain Features you can enjoy free with us!

When registering your domain name, we provide you with professional domain name management tools that are completely free


Continuous monitoring system to ensure the domain name works best


Switch Providers:

Free procedures and service transfer from elsewhere on us and vice versa

Protect your privacy:

Domain name locking lets you secure your own domain name.


24/7 Technical Support:

Customer support throughout the 24/7 service through Ticket ID, Email, Phone.

DNS Control:

Free professional DNS service, administration via website.


Unlimited Subdomains:

Domains at Open Technology Solutions will not limit the number of subdomains you create via DNS control panel