Cloud Technology Services

At OTS we are passionate about cloud technologies and we regularly use them to solve our client’s problems as well as our own. Our specialist engineers can help guide you through the abundance of cloud services so you get the best solution to meet your needs. We can help migrate, adopt or perhaps simply trial cloud services. If it is Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud our accredited engineers can help design or implement your custom cloud solution.


We are accredited, available onsite or offsite can design a completely сloud-native or hybrid or private cloud solution

Containerization is quickly becoming the next generation of cloud technologies. Why would you adopt this technology?


Containers are a lightweight, portable, virtualized, software-defined system. Their growing popularity is due to the fact that they facilitate modularity, portability and simplicity when provisioning virtual infrastructure much like the virtual machine but without the wait time. The average docker container starts in less than a second.

Let us help you adopt, migrate or trial this great technology. We can help you understand the advantages this technology offers over virtual machines and help you make educated decisions around container security, container scheduling, monitoring and change control.


We can offer expertise in:

  • Container scheduling using Kubernetes
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • Managed Kubernetes: Google cloud, Azure and AWS
  • Container security
  • Container persistence
  • Monitoring and alerting

High-quality software comes from upfront planning and thinking, good engineering practices, good design practices & principles and collaboration. OTS embodies these qualities and we strive to promote these qualities with our clients and partners because we believe this is the road to successfully building high-quality software solutions.


Our full-stack developers can augment your existing development resource or add a new capability to your business. We offer engineering expertise in the following:

Hashicorp Terraform, Hashicorp Packer, Consul, Kubernetes, Ansible, NodeJS, JavaScript UI: ReactJS, AngularJS, Java, PHP, Python, Golang.