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Whether you work at a global company or small nonprofit, we have the expertise to help you solve your unique challenges. OTS technology consulting firm headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan. We are dedicated to develop innovative solutions to improve the value and impact of our clients IT initiatives. We leverage our deep industry knowledge and technical know-how to provide IT services and solutions that solve your unique needs. We hold strong to our core values, while building collaborative client relationships to help your organization achieve its full potential in business and technology.


There are numerous motivations to utilize Open Source Software, maybe the most clear is that it is allowed to procure, update, and free of yearly permitting costs. By evacuating the expenses connected with restrictive programming, you are allowed to spend the cash where you truly need to – on getting answers for your business needs. Open Technology Solutions is an pure IT administrations organization. We, alongside our accomplices, are here to help you achieve your objectives, pretty much as we have helped associations of numerous types and sizes in the course of recent years.


While we are proud of our past, we are even more enthusiastic about the future of the company. We are grateful for the wonderful clients we have had the honor of serving and for our colleagues who we have had the pleasure of training and growing with, and we look forward to many, many more miles ahead.


Our team is available to help build, configure and maintain your IT platforms and networks. We provide pro-active, on-site and remote systems management, system administration and tuning, and support for almost all variants of Unix and Linux and their integration with Windows technologies.

Stability, interoperability and flexibility are the key factors that make Open Source-based distributions an increasingly popular choice in the IT departments of both the private and public sectors. Open Source Software and Open Standards technology can provide organizations like yours with a cost-effective and reliable alternative to proprietary software. We have carefully selected a range of proven and economically beneficial Open Source Software technology solutions that match proprietary Enterprise Software for function and capability. Our key technology partners include:

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