To develop an online book portal with more than 100,000 books and that allows customers to place an order for a copy of the available books…



  • Search on geographic location data using geo spatial search •
  • Portal provides distributed search and index replication through Solr
  • Result Grouping / Field Collapsing a group of results
  • Features like Powerful full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, dynamic clustering and database integration
  • Solr indexed data from/using rich document like Word, PDF, RTF, XML etc.


  • Apache Solr search server (Lucene project) ,Linux/Windows server, Java and servlet container, Relational database system (MSSQL, MySql, Postgres, Oracle.)

Library Management System is carefully developed for easy management of any type of library. It’s actually a virtual version of a real library. It’s a web based system where you can manage books of different categories, manage members of different types and manage issue/return of books easily.

Issuing a book to a member is just a matter of a click. There are configurations for day limit to keep a book, managing fine system and managing lost books.

LMS will be an efficient and intelligent companion for managing your library.

If you want to add up something to the LMS. just email our developer.


Back-end – Admin Panel:

  • Dashboard (graphical report of recent activities)
  • General settings (system customization)
  • Notify members by SMS or Email (several SMS and Email API integration)
  • Member management (member types and members)
  • Book management (multiple authors & categories )
  • Circulation management (circulation settings and issue & return books to/from members)
  • Online read facility (PDF)
  • Import Bulk Books, Categories, Authors with CSV
  • Books, Categories, Authors Export facility (PDF, Excel)
  • Auto Catalog by ISBN (automatically get details from GOOGLE API)
  • Multilingual (12 Languages)
  • Advanced Barcode/Label Printer
  • RTL Support & much more

Back-end – Member Panel:

  • View circulation history
  • Read e-book online (if available)
  • Change password


  • Books page
  • Contact page

Quick Installation Guide

  1. Download .zip package
  2. Upload it to your server
  3. Extract the package
  4. Run the uploaded url via browser (EXAMPLE.COM/LMS/INSTALL). Here you have to provide the settings for LMS:
    • Hostname : database host name / IP
    • Database Name : create a mysql database for LMS on your host and write that name here
    • Database username  : username of the created database (if applicable)
    • Database password : password of the created database

Built-In Support for 12 Languages

Notification/ Alert System

Notify delayed members with E-Mail or SMS

If you want to know more about LMS? Please read the Documentation