Datasafe/R Offsite Backup Service

Could your organisation benefit by having an automated system which captures (on a daily basis) all of your data (documents, files, spreadsheets, etc.) and stores them offsite, outside of your offices, for safe keeping? A system which transfers this data via an encrypted connection? A system which can therefore protect all your critical data from hardware damage, theft and fire?

Open Technology Solutions makes available a set-and-forget solution which achieves all this. Our Datasafe/R Offsite Backup Service will allow you to store as much or as little of your important data onto a secure server hosted by Open Technology Solutions. For extra cost, we can also establish a separate server which your business can co-locate at a hosting company, ISP or company director’s home. The Datasafe/R Offisite Backup solution will transfer across to this remote server all that day’s modified data and documents. You can retrive individual documents, or groups of documents, from the Datasafe/R Offsite Backup server on an ad-hoc, self-serve basis. If your server or office ever encounters a serious problem (fire, theft, catastrophic failure), Open Technology Solutions can also arrange to bring out to you your entire dataset, within a nominated period of time.

Open Technology Solutions Datasafe/R Offsite Backup service is available for $59 per month, for every 25GB of data that you need to backup offsite. There is no setup fee.

At a Glance

  • $59 per month for every 25GB of data being backed up
  • Two weeks of archives included in pricing. Additional archives available (POA)
  • Self-service restoration
  • Secure encrypted connection
  • No setup fee